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What to Know About Flood Insurance Premiums Flood damage can be devastating, but it isn't covered by standard home insurance. The only way to protect yourself against flood damage is with a separate policy. Don't assume you can't benefit from flood coverage if you don't live in a high-risk are... READ MORE >>

There are two types of disability insurance. Each time you receive a paycheck, you will see a deduction for FICA. This is the federal disability insurance program that is under the umbrella of the Social Security Administration. READ MORE >>

It's impossible to predict when a disability may impede you from making a living. While it may seem like becoming disabled could leave you without any sources of income, there's a way to make sure that your needs will be provided for no matter what happens. READ MORE >>

  Millions of people across the United States suffer from disabilities. Disabilities can adversely affect your health, your ability to work, and your quality of life. Learn how to use disability insurance to protect your income during a time in which a disability makes it hard for you to make ends meet the usual way. READ MORE >>

Thinking About Retirement Planning, Care Costs and Finances? When you begin planning for your retirement, you might be focused on where you will live and the places you will visit. While those are the fun parts of retirement planning, you will also need to take a hard look at other aspects of your finances. READ MORE >>

Long-term care insurance policies typically provide a total fixed amount of coverage, such as $100,000 or three years of in-home assistance for a particular health event or defining diagnosis. In some cases, you might not use the full amount of the coverage that is supplied by your policy. READ MORE >>

When you are looking for a new car insurance policy, the sheer number of factors and options that influence your potential rates can be overwhelming. Knowing how these factors influence rate quotes can help you to determine which policy will be best for your needs.   Where You Live READ MORE >>

Consider an HSA for Tax Savings You may already be familiar with the tax advantages of employer-provided health insurance with pre-tax deductions, but did you know that there are health insurance plans that provide significant tax deductions? READ MORE >>

When you receive treatment, try to make sure you have any required medical identification cards on you. This allows your medical provider to quickly determine whether you’ll be covered. Doing so will also reduce the chance of basic errors, such as your name being incorrectly spelled upon entry of data. READ MORE >>

  The best way to start a search for Medicare or any combination of health coverage is with an experienced independent insurance agency. With no obligation to any particular insurance provider, the insurance agent can look for various coverage, prices, and values in the Jacksonville area. READ MORE >>

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